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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

"An act to make provision in respect of party walls, and excavation and construction in proximity to certain buildings or structures; and for connected purposes."

18th July 19966

The Act details carefully the permitted procedural framework of carrying out proposed construction works that may have an effect on adjoining structures. It may initially appear for the Party Wall Act to be an additional hassle for a Building Owner to pursue their project but it must be made clear that the Act is an enabling Act. The purpose of the Act is to provide assistance to property owners with construction operations they wish to conduct, whilst simultaneously providing protection to Adjoining Owners who may experience effects from the building works.


It should also be noted that the Act cannot be invoked unless the Building Owner serves a Notice to the Adjoining Owner. 

Image by Nick Fewings

Party Wall London breakdown the regulations outlined in the Act in simple terms, helping first time project holders clearly understand the obligations that are required from them as a Building Owner. 

Similarly, we are able to help Adjoining Owners understand what rights and protection methods they are entitled to. Please contact us to receive advice on your specific matter, failure to comply with this legislation may result in the works being unlawful. If you are unsure whether the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 applies to your project, you should seek professional advice. Alternatively, if you have received a Party Wall Notice from a neighbour and do not know how to respond, Party Wall London can give advice on what your options are moving forward. Party Wall London surveyors are able to act on behalf of both Building Owners and Adjoining Owners

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