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Stage Two of the Party Wall Process:
Preparation of a Schedule of Condition 

Upon service of the appropriate Party Wall Notice on the Adjoining Owner, they may respond with their written consent to the proposed works, subject to a Schedule of Condition is prepared of their property. When this is requested, a Party Wall Surveyor will carry out a survey of the Adjoining Owner's property to inspect and record the condition of the property before any works commence. Most Adjoining Owner's ask for this service in order to have extra protection of their property which will be in the vicinity of the proposed building project. A thorough survey being conducted and the creation of a Referential Document both contribute towards the Adjoining Owner's peace of mind. This maintains a friendly relationship between neighbours and avoids the more expensive course of creating a Party Wall Award. 

This service may appear to only benefit the Adjoining Owner, however, we would like to bring attention to the advantages for the Building Owner that could possibly be overlooked. By obtaining a Referential Report (Schedule of Condition document), you will be able to know for certain which defects you are or are not liable for. This avoids any disagreement and falling out with the Adjoining Owner in the event that claims of damage due to the works arises. If evident damage has taken place, the Referential Report will make settling disputes in respect of compensations easier. Alternatively, the Referential Report will serve as evidence that the claimed damage had already existed prior to the works being carried out. Thus, we strongly advise for the comfort of both parties that such survey and Schedule of Condition report is sought for. 

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Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is a professionally documented record of the condition of the Adjoining Owner's property completed prior to any works commencing. Party Wall London will carry out a condition survey of the Adjoining Owner's property and supply an elaborate written documentation supported with photographic evidence. We also offer a final check of the Adjoining Owner's property after the works have been completed with the use of the prepared Schedule of Condition as point of reference. 

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Confused about the process? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We understand the specifications and the duties of following the Act can be a bewildering experience. Our surveyors are ready to give the utmost impartial advice. Get in contact with us today to speak to a professional about your construction proposal. 

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