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London Borough of Harrrow 

Party Wall London provides Party Wall services in the London Borough of Harrow.


Harrow Borough is a North-West London borough bordering Barnet to the East, Brent and Ealing to the South. The boundaries of Harrow borough that we know today were established in 1934.

The borough consists of three main towns, Harrow proper,  Stanmore and Pinner. Western regions of Edgware also make up a significant portion of the borough.

The local authority is Harrow London Borough Council located in Harrow Civic Centre.

The most common style of houses found in the London Borough of Haringey are 1930s semi-detached houses and terraced properties. Therefore, Harrow is abundant with properties that have a shared wall with a neighbouring property. These walls that are shared between two parties are also known as a Party Wall. A common misconception of Party Walls is that each party owns ONLY their proportional half of the wall. However, as the wall carries out an essential structural duty for both properties, both parties own the entire wall. Thus, it is imperative that you inform your neighbours what you plan on doing to this shared wall.


In Harrow, hip to gable loft conversions are a common building project that Building Owners wish to carry out on their property to increase their living space. A typical 1930s build with three bedrooms (one of which being the infamous box room style) is ideal for roof space expansion. Loft conversion designs which involve steel beams going into a Party Wall need to be notified to the neighbouring owners. Party Wall London are able serve Party Wall Notices on Adjoining Owners for Loft Conversion projects.

If you live in the Harrow region and have received a Party Wall Notice from a neighbour, contact us to receive a free telephone consultation as to what your next options are. We understand that construction projects occurring in such close proximity can be stressful to home owners. Party Wall London provide a site visit services before and after the building works to ensure your property has not been damaged during the construction process. Site visits are carried out by our chartered Party Wall Surveyors and a written report will be sent to you and your neighbour. This service is recommended for any home owners who wish to have some ease whilst living next to a building under construction whilst maintaining a friendly relationship with your neighbour. 

Harrow Borough having the third lowest proportion of households living in London social housing, there are many home owners who have the opportunity to expand their living space. According to the 2011 Census, many of these households are 'overcrowded' to 'severely overcrowded'. In the current economically distressing times, moving homes to accommodate for growing families has proven to be difficult. Expansion of homes have never been in more demand. Party Wall London is able to advice you on projects which come under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Some examples include: a rear extension built off of the party wall, a loft conversion involving steel beams being inserted into the party wall and chimney breast removals.  

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