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London Borough of Hackney 

Party Wall London provides Party Wall services in the London Borough of Hackney.


Hackney Borough is situated in Inner London and borders boroughs of Haringey and Waltham Forest to the North, Islington to the West and Newham to the East.

The London Borough of Hackney covers an area of 19.06 square kilometres and has a population of around 280,000 inhabitants. The boroughs growing population demands improvement in urban design, whilst maintaining the heritage and character of historically significant buildings.

The local authority is Hackney London Borough Council located on Hillman Street.

Stoke Newington is filled with residential streets of many Victorian terraced houses. In more situations than one would hope, Party Walls were omitted at attic level by Victorian builders. If this is discovered, it is strongly advised for the Party Wall to be built up as these wall divides between properties act as fire breakers. Party Wall London are able to advise and represent home owners desiring to install a Party Wall in their attic. Party Wall Notices will have to be sent to the Owners of the Adjoining Property as raising a Party Wall will come under Section 2(2) of the Act. Party Wall London can make this process easier for home owners proposing such works by creating and serving valid Party Wall Notices to your neighbour. Get in contact with us for tailored advice about your specific project.


North East is the area in Hackney with the most number of flats in converted houses. As the space of these flats are confined by the size of the original house, they are often too small for families or become too small to accommodate a growing family. For Ground Floor Flat property owners, a rear extension may be an attractive solution for upgrading your living space to accommodate your needs. If you are proposing a rear extension project in the North East Area, you are most likely required to serve a Party Wall Notice(s) upon your neighbour(s). For Upper Floor Flat property owners, loft conversions may be feasible depending on the attic space. Loft conversions often require steel beams being installed into the Party Wall and such proposed works will require a Party Wall Notice served on the Adjoining Owners.


If you have received a Party Wall Notice about a proposed rear extension or a loft conversion at a neighbouring property and are concerned about the inconveniences that it may cause, contact us to receive advice on options available to you to protect your property. 

Party Wall London is able to advice you on projects which come under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 in the London Borough of Hackney. Some examples include: single storey rear & side extensions, loft conversions and chimney breast removals.

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