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Party Wall London provides Party Wall services in the Southern England County of Kent. 


Kent is a County in Southern England which borders Greater London to the West, Essex to the North and East Sussex to the South. Between the pockets of undeveloped agricultural land, are cities and towns filled with semi-detached and bugalow style dwellings.

The borough consists of 12 local authority districts; Maidstone, Dartford, Tonbridge and Malling to name a  few. Medway being a unitary authority district, is independent of Kent county Council but forms part of Kent Council.

The Local authority is Kent County Council, and are mainly based in the county hall in Maidstone.

Maidstone and Tunbridge & Mailing have the highest proportions of semi-detached properties. Most of which, are of the typical 1930s three bedroom types (one of which being the infamous box room style) and are suited for loft conversion and rear extension projects. Having a property adjoining yours comes with certain precautions that must be made before any works begin. This is because as the shared wall carries out an essential structural duty for both properties, both parties own the entire wall. Thus, it is imperative that you inform your neighbours what you plan on doing to this shared wall. Couple common examples of notifiable works under the Party Wall etc. 1996 Act are; installing a steel beam into a party wall and excavations within 3 metres within a neighbouring property’s foundations.


Chimney breast removals have been an attainable home project for gaining that extra space in the recent more economically demanding months. Chimney breast removal projects are often not considered as substantial work by most individuals. However, if a chimney breast removal is proposed on a party wall, there are certain risks involved that the Adjoining Owner should be made aware of. Party Wall London are here to look over proposed structural drawings on behalf of Adjoining Owners to ensure adequate steel beam or gallows bracket supports are proposed to be put in place. Our surveyors make sure to carry out a thorough inspection of Party Walls at all floor levels, especially the attic.


Canterbury district has the greatest proportion of bungalows (18.4%) out of the entire county. Bungalow houses are spoiled for choice in the projects that are possible on their property. The largest void attic spaces can be found on bungalows of 1930s to 1950s build, making them the ideal property types for loft conversions. If the property comes with substantial land, single and double storey extension projects are also possible. We would like to note that excavations within 6 metres of a neighbouring property will be a notifiable work under the Act if the bottom of the proposed foundation will intercept the neighbouring foundation at a 45º line.


Party Wall London is able to advice you on projects which come under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Some examples include: single storey rear & side extensions, loft conversions and chimney breast removals in Kent.

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