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Building Site exposed steel beams

Our Fees

Our fixed rates for our services are broken down in three main charges:

  1. Serving Notices

  2. Preparing Schedule of Conditions

  3. Drafting and Serving Awards.

In the case of a dispute arising and an Award has to be made, the cost of a Schedule of Condition will be included in producing an Award. 


There is an hourly rate of £65 for any additional site visits that are requested by either party. 



Preparing and serving Party Wall Notices on the Building Owner's behalf to neighbouring properties by 1st Class Post. All Notices will be accompanied with drawings from the Architect and a "Consent to Works" Form for the Adjoining Owner to sign.


Schedule of Condition

200 - 300 photos are taken of the Adjoining property's condition at the sight visit. Each defect i.e. crack is documented before any works have begun. A detailed account of the inspection is written up and is collated into a Schedule of Condition which is provided to both Owners. 



Drafting and serving a Party Wall Award when appointed as the Building Owner’s surveyor. This includes one site visit for a thorough site inspection of you neighbour's property for the performance of the schedule of condition. The final Award will be served upon both owners. 

From £850*

*Additional fees for multiple simultaneous projects

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