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Adjoining Owner

Is your neighbour proposing building works? Legally, they are required by the Act to serve a notice to neighbours who will be immediately effected by the job. An Adjoining Owner is any freehold owner or a leaseholder of land, buildings, storeys or rooms adjoining those of the building owner. 

Things we can help you with 

Construction Advice

Inform you on the safe methods of construction that should be undertaken by the building owner in order to keep your property undamaged.  

Counter Notices

Help produce and serve a counter notice on the building owner in the case of unsatisfactory proposals. 


Managing any compensation that may be owed to you during the period of the works. 

Upon appointment, Party Wall London will ensure your property is properly safeguarded and protected from any unnecessary inconvenience from the Building Owner's works. When you are served a notice from the Building Owner, we can advise you on the ramifications of the proposed works on your property.


Our role as your appointed Surveyor involves reviewing the Building Owner’s proposals from a technical and party wall matter standpoint throughout the construction phase and thereafter, ensuring the building owner is fully acquainted with their obligations as detailed in the award.

In the case of you consenting to the building work notice from your neighbour, although not necessary, it is still highly advisable to appoint a party wall surveyor to prepare a schedule of condition as your property can be unfavourably affected by the works. 

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